I’m getting tired of these big snows

They say the Northeast may get hit by another snowstorm Wednesday.

I’m not over last Friday’s slam. This yo-yo effect, melt-and-more, is getting to me.

Karen’ car.

Our vehicles were covered, and good, when I got the text the library would be opening Friday until noon instead of 9 a.m

Work view.

The view from my desk to the not-so-great outdoors was fairly bleak the whole four hours of my day as the only person who made it in of the communications staff.

The next morning.

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle would not even go out the back door until Saturday morning. She went under the cover of the side alcove and strayed just a bit into the backyard to do her business.

But we were still better off than my wonderful daughter Elisabeth in Oneida.

Wait until I show you the photo she texted me … tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “I’m getting tired of these big snows

  1. Oh Mark, I simply do not have the heart to tell you that it is predicted to be in the seventies today, the sun is already up and smiling, and I have no idea who has or where I left my snow shovel when I moved back to the desert.
    You really do deserve huge kudos for showing up at work in such weather.
    Spring will show up soon for you. Trust me on this.
    All my best- JoHanna


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