Sometimes you’ve gotta be more than Lucky, Logan decides


With the NASCAR drivers going round and round again, it’s a good time to pick Logsn Lucky off the Blu-Ray racks if you haven’t yet given this rollicking comedy/crime-drama a look-see yet.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh from a screenplay by Rebecca Blunt, this slice of American southern culture tips its hat to the racing lifestyle … that of the fans, the crews, the folks that work at the track, and, yup, those brave enough to drive fast and hard and do what it takes to finish first.

A good portion is set during race day at Charlotte International Speedway, where Jimmy Logan, his two siblings and a makeshift crew put their sights on the big wad of cash that piles up as the race goes on and all that entails forthwith.

Channing Tatum is relatively smooth as Jimmy, wily, sure, but obviously supremely devoted to his daughter and even OK to his former wife and her new hubby. Adam Driver does good as the not nearly as calm bro Clyde, who lost an arm along his service in Iraq. Riley Keough shines as ready-for-more hairdresser sis. The rest of the crew will surprise you with depth and fun, from Daniel Craig and Katie Holmes as a bomb guy and beauty-pagean-fixated (for their kid) ex-wife to Dwight Yoakam and Hilary Swank as a dense prison warden and sharp FBI agent.

Want the scoop? (From

We meet Jimmy as an OK guy doing his thing as a West Virginia laborer until the company boss says he has to lay him off because somebody noticed him limping and reported it to the union.

Off the journey goes, barreling down the road with intriguing plot-twists, good humor, fine acting and an ending that’s likely not what you expected.

There’s good, bad, and so many shades between, and not always where you expect it.

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