Through the trees, a snow moon

A bright light appeared in our sky last night. It will last for three nights, and it has a special name this time of year in my part of our world. Through Saturday, we’ll be able to appreciate the full moon that’s called the “snow moon.” On Thursday night, my dear wife Karen and I…

Tree and more

Thanks to our new neighbors to the left, a different sight has settled in beyond the border fence as we settle into winter. Next to the big tree is now … yes … that is a food truck, we believe, parked snugly in the backyard. Come spring maybe we shall spy it out on the…

What the dog sees

Our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle must go outside in the backyard to meet the early morning no matter the season’s conditions. It could be worse, I can practically hear her think.

The path will get beaten

So this is what a cold January morning can look like in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. Note how our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle carefully picks her way around the pool – yes, that is our covered in-ground smack dab in the middle – and the rest of the backyard, too.

I’m getting tired of these big snows

They say the Northeast may get hit by another snowstorm Wednesday. I’m not over last Friday’s slam. This yo-yo effect, melt-and-more, is getting to me. Our vehicles were covered, and good, when I got the text the library would be opening Friday until noon instead of 9 a.m The view from my desk to the…