Cuco won’t let his family circus fly to the evil Martin in amusing Americano


Life is kind of smooth for this Mexican flock as the papa and mama birds pull off their magic in making the family circus work as their son Cuco pays attention to their loyal acts with one eye while dreaming of a bigger life while watching his favorite superhero, El Americano, fight off the baddies on TV.

Then one day evil comes knocking on their own door in the form of Martin, a Kingfisher intent on coming away with the red cape that’s long signified the circus ringleader.

This animated adventure follows the young canary as he sets forth to Hollywood to enlist his hero to help keep the family’s honor and circus intact.

Directed by Ricardo Arnaiz and Mike Kunkel and written by Arnaiz and Juanjo Bargues, the June 2017 project brought forth a mix of Mexican and American producers and stars in an effort to entertain and educate.

Americano is a colorful piece of work, for sure, as Coco and his devoted duo head north on their search, picking up friends and lessons on the way.

The voices are heavyweight, too, with young star Rico Rodriguez of Modern Family TV fame as Manny serving as the moral centerpiece as Coco, and veterans Cheech Marin, Erik Estrada, Edward James Olmos and Lisa Kudrow showing up as good and bad birds.

Figuring out life. (From

Youngsters should be amused by the action and lessons.

Older folks could get a kick out of the comedy and byplay.

All in all, it’s a welcome little family hour-and-a-half for the flatscreen.

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