The plow guy has a stake in our place

After careful consideration, my dear wife Karen and I decided to sign a yearly contract with the plowing company that took care of us our first winter at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

Borders set.

Soon after, four stakes were in the ground when I arrived home from my job at the library.

Top, too.

The guy in the truck wanted to be ready.

It worked already.

Smart. He plowed once already, on Monday.


14 thoughts on “The plow guy has a stake in our place

  1. Good call, Mark. I’m pretty sure I’ll regret not having signed up with a snow removal contractor. Our driveway is loooooong. But due to current finances, we’ll just have to suck it up and take turns shoveling. Maybe we can just park both cars towards the foot of the driveway for the winter. Not looking forward to snow.


  2. We had to hire someone to plow our driveway for the first time in the 24 years we’ve lived here last winter due to the 60+ inches of snow we got in just two months. My husband has spoken with the neighbors on our cul-de-sac about pitching in for a “cul-de-sac” snow-blower for this year. 🙂


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