Great new place for the kids

My sweet daughter and her sensational significant have done well.

They’ve moved into a new place. It’s their first joint venture under the same roof.

The kids invited my dear wife Karen and I over for our first look-see last Sunday, a brunch date.

We were impressed.

Chef at work.

George Three was putting the finishing touches on our meal when we arrived. That gave me time to snap some shots of their flat.


I appreciate the open concept that runs from the dining area through the living room.

Sectional comfort.

They’ve furnished it sweetly, with relatives from all sides pitching in. The decor fits the modern feel of the space, I think.


Elisabeth had the table ready for us.

Great chemistry.

They make a great team.

Restaurant quality.

I have mentioned what a great chef George is, have I not? His Eggs Benedict were just right. Sides, too.

Happy dwellers.

Satisfied, they are.

Home sweet apartment.

Outside is the reminder that it’s vintage building that the landlord has refurbished inside.

Good picking, kids. May this home treat you well.

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