Check out my buddy’s art

Dozens of people showed up for the reception to welcome the art of John Mariani to my workplace.

Mike Greenlar considers the man on the wall.

I showed up without my work pass around my neck.

Mariani has been my friend since 1983, when we both worked at the big daily. I needed to show how much I value what he’s done.

He’s now Since retiring from the paper/website three years ago, he picked up the brush and … wow.

His work.

If you live in Central New York, Mariani’s 16 pieces hang on four lobby walls through November.

You can buy these.

He also sells reproductions.

Celebrating John.

A lot of people showed up to look, talk, shake John’s hand.

Right on our walls.

I smiled to think it all happened where I work. And that every day for a month, I got to look at those acrylics.

13 thoughts on “Check out my buddy’s art

  1. In turn, Mark, thank you and your LPL colleagues for the opportunity to display my work. I am humbled by your praise and the warm reception given my paintings. After a lifetime of being the bearer of bad tidings, it is a pleasure to make people happy.


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