A beautiful night for a Chiefs game

It took a while to get back to the stadium this season.

No Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle with my dear wife Karen and I this time around at NBT Bank Stadium for the Syracuse Chiefs. My bowling league team buddy Steve thought it would be a great idea for us to go with our wives on the Fourth. The Chiefs put up a great deal. Four great-seat tickets for $60 also got each of us a jersey, hot dog, soda and large tub of popcorn to share. Sold!

Capacity crowd.

We weren’t the only ones who decided it was a great night for baseball. They announced a sold-out attendance of more than 11,000.

Kids love their jerseys.

The Chiefs knocked out nine hits. And didn’t score a run. Go figure.

Offensive display.

The end result wasn’t the point, though.

The eye of the beholder.

Sunset over left field!

Me! Me!

T-shirts out of a shooter!!

Fireworks after the game!!! You’ll see those tomorrow.

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