The best fireworks (shots) ever

The fireworks display after the Syracuse Chiefs game on the Fourth this year were awesome.

My iPhone 6s was in fine form.

Air display.

Maybe it was the angle from our third-base side seats that came with our four-for-$60 deal.


Maybe it was my timing.


Whatever the reason, I’m glad to share this year.

Spread the wealth.

My dear wife Karen and I left while they were still shooting to get a jump in the parking lot on the sold-out crowd of more than 11,000. (It had taken us 15 minutes to get in despite the fact that we’d timed it to get to the stadium more than a half-hour before game time.) We indeed got right out. That allowed us to see all of the people who’d parked on all of the streets on the several miles back to A Bitty Better. They were watching the fireworks, too. When we got into our driveway, we walked down the nearest cross street a few houses and saw that we could see the last burst from right there. Interesting thought for next year.

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