It doesn’t quite fit, but it sure fits in

I at last took the drive 35 miles or so east from A Bitty Better to a very cool shop in Oneida.

It was time to claim the piece my dear wife Karen and I had commissioned from an artisan at the Liverpool Craft Extravaganza.

Pretty window arrangement.

Kym’s Art Pallet was all set up for business on a rainy Saturday morning, bursting with her work.

Click on an image from an enlarged slide show.

I envision one hard worker. If you can’t find a piece that fits your wall needs here …

I loaded ours into my car, destination the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville and the hallway with that odd shelf above the dressing room door.

An odd space.

Alas …

Wide load.

A miscalculation had been made with the width.

So after discussions about sawing or sanding or slicing between my dear wife Karen and I, we decided to …

The slogan says it.

… hang it over the master bedroom door on the other side of the doorway, where a little hole in plaster work needed some attention, too.

We’ll figure out something to cover that high shelf space.

How do you like Kym’s shop? Any pieces catch your eye, and where would you put them? How would you solve our situation?</strong?

10 thoughts on “It doesn’t quite fit, but it sure fits in

  1. i like it no matter where it ended up, and maybe there’s something else that’s meant to go on, or to cover, that shelf. i love kym’ s work and i’d love to wander through –


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