We may have found how to cover that awkward shelf hole

My dear wife Karen and I have been wondering what to do with an awkward space we inherited in the first-floor hallway of A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

Dead space.

I guess this hole above the second bedroom door could be called storage space. But it does not have a door to hide whatever you might put in it.

It might also be called a shelf. But it’s mighty high for that.

And so, since last October, we’ve left it up there and in the back of our minds.

Last month, though, on a stroll through the Liverpool Craft Extravaganza, I spotted an artisan who made pretty signs. We looked through her collection.

I think it is.

We chatted with the artisan, who owns Kym’s Palet Art of Oneida. Kym said she could make a similar sign to fit our needs.

It’s on order.

I’ll show you when we get it.

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