Timber Banks plays tough no matter how you slant it

KP and I made sure we used the Golf Expo coupon to play Timber Banks on the cheap this season.

Sure, that meant we played the tough Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course in the northwest Syracuse suburb of Baldwinsville as just the second time out for the season in order to make the end-of-May cut line for the discount coupon we’d each purchased for $15.

Demanding layout.

No matter. We knew from experience that the sloping fairways and big, curving green complexes would give our games fits.

Even during the middle of the season.

So we each took time off from work on a weekday morning and enjoyed the beauty of the course.

Sweet swing.

Solid contact.

And wouldn’t you know it.

We each had our share of good shot. KP unleashed a few beauties from the tee box, most certainly.

My address.

Keep it simple, stupid.

I had several long, straight drives, too. I declared that the good shots came when I had less moving parts. I think.

KP lines up a putt.

KP sets his put on line.

We managed good putts on the difficult greens, too, earning several pars each.

I line up a putt.

I set my putt on my line.

Some putts, though, ran too long or stopped too short or didn’t break enough. Or, yeah, broke too much. Tough Nicklaus greens.

We had fun nevertheless. KP won the match. We grabbed a beer and sat outside the concessions tent on a couple of chairs we dragged out and shot the bull for a few minutes, complaining about the lack of good golf weather, hoping for better days to come, promising that we’d try to play more often than once a month.

How does Timber Banks look to you?

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