Appreciating the May angle of the sunrise

Letting Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle out the back door of a Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville this interesting May, I noticed the sunrise.

It struck me how far the path had traveled to the left since I shot a photo with my iPad Pro on a cold day in March with the screen door all fogged up.

Over the side fence.

No longer was that ball of fire coming up over the back fence. Now it’s by the left neighbor.

Reflections of …

It gave me an artsy shot coming off that very screen door. Hey, it’s warm enough to walk outside in lounge pants and T-shirt.

Before we know it, we’ll arrive at the Summer Solstice. I will remember to be out the door shooting the sunrise and sunset of our first June 21 at A Bitty Better. Just like I did for the Winter Solstice.

Have you noticed many striking sunrises lately?

13 thoughts on “Appreciating the May angle of the sunrise

  1. Hey Mark, the sunrise looks so pretty. So nice that you get so much beauty in your life! We don’t get many sunrises here: the pollution mostly blocks that out. Looking forward to some clear Canadian skies! (Love the new flowers, by the way!). Thanks for the lovey post.


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