On the wall, with love

My wonderfully talented daughter Elisabeth has done it again.

She made one of her Mother’s Day presents for my dear wife Karen, with some carpentry help from significant George Three.

Made with care.

It’s beautiful.

A special place.

Karen decided it should live on the wall of the second bedroom on the main floor of A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. That’s the space she uses as her dressing room.

I think it looks quite lovely.

What’s the best homemade gift you’ve ever received? What’s the best homemade gift you’ve ever given?

12 thoughts on “On the wall, with love

  1. Lovely! That’s so smART of Elisabeth. My college mate who now lives in Sydney sews cloth bags as a hobby and she sent me some last Christmas. There’s nothing more special than homemade gifts made with love. 😻


  2. Hi, Bro Mark! That really is beautiful. I couldn’t begin to say what my best received gift was, because my daughter and grandkids almost always come up with such unique gifts for all occasions. Everyone agrees the quilts I gave them were the best I gave all the time.
    Speaking of time, mine is almost gone now, and I’m working to get my life in order so the kids won’t have to worry so much about it all. I’ve had a wild ride thru this world, but I’m tired now, and ready to just lean back in my nest and let it all go on by. The kids are taking it well for now, but I’m not sure they are not in a form of shock. Mike is recovering slowly from being thrown off his 4-wheeler a couple of months ago. At least he has now sworn off 4-wheeler’s for life. They bought a Gator for him to use now. If Don would do that also I could die happy, but Don loves the speed.

    Well, Bro, it’s been real, but right now I’m ready to hit my nest again! Dying is hard work but it sure is an interesting trip!


  3. I love and treasure all the Christmas decorations that our three boys have made over the years, I have them all, the boys are 43, 42, and 33 πŸ€— I am not very handy but that’s life. πŸ’–


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