My daughter and George Three know what my wife loves

After our great Food Truck Festival afternoon on Mother’s Day, wonderful daughter Elisabeth and significant George Three had gifts from the car for my dear wife Karen.

They beamed as the opening of the hatch of her Kia Soul revealed two awesome plants and a homemade wall-hanging.

The color pops.

She said the red azalea screamed to her from across the store.

It’s beautiful, and really special in the spot my dear wife quickly chose for it in the backyard of A Bitty Better upon our return to the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

George’s smart choice.

George selected a tiger lily. Karen wants that by the side fence, where it will have room to spread. We had similar day lilies in the backyard at The Little Bitty in the Syracuse neighborhood of Eastwood, George saw many times.

Beautiful landscaping.

The new pair will much add to the overall picture once my dear wife puts them into our piece of Earth.

You’ll get to see the wall-hanging another post.

What color flowers are your favorite? Would you keep these where Karen has put them on top of the soil, or switch them somewhere else?

2 thoughts on “My daughter and George Three know what my wife loves

  1. i love all colors, love all flowers, so i’m not an objective source of info maybe ) i like where the flowers are place and should be beautiful as they grow and spread there –

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