A springtime tree thing discovered at A Bitty Better

Another month, another discover about A Bitty Better.

I opened the door after sunrise this early April in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville to see newly dropped stuff all over the pool cover.

From the trees to the cover.

I guess the buds from overhanging branches in the flanking yard are shedding something or other.

From the neighbor’s trees.

I don’t want Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle to investigate further.

Devoted dog.

For now she’s content wondering why her dad’s out back with the iPad Pro so dang early.

What’s going on in your yard these days?

9 thoughts on “A springtime tree thing discovered at A Bitty Better

  1. ooh, i wonder what kind of tree it will turn out to be? in my yard, the grass is starting to green up a bit, and some shoots are coming out of the ground. who know’s what’s next – tomorrow it is supposed to know !


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