Cowboys Saloon straps on a satisfying feed bag

The atmosphere for dinner at Cowboys Saloon certainly was interesting when my dear wife Karen dropped in recently.

There was a decent-sized crowd around 6 on a Friday night as we picked the spot that replaced Toby Keith’s joint to fill our tummies and the time before the night’s movie at Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA.

The new spot had already passed the drinks-at-the-bar test a month or so ago in a similar time frame.

Dance floor days.

The hostess sat us at a two-person high-top next to the big dance floor.

Lights swept the wooden spot, which was empty at this time of day …

Family affair.

… until a couple of kids and dad took to the space as a release valve from sitting family style for dinner across the way. I noticed a poster that said this place always serves kids under 10 for free. Good move, turning the bar scene into a family spot for dinner.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

Our waitress was pleasant. It didn’t take long for us to choose from the easy menus: Chicken and Waffles for my dear wife Karen; Steak sandwich minus the mushrooms for me.

It came quickly enough. When I attempted to take food photos with my iPhone 6s, though, I became very aware of the effect of those dance floor lights so close by.

We shared bits and pieces of our dinners, and both liked the two meals. I was the first to dip the chicken into a bit of the accompanying syrup. Wonderful. The peppers and onions that accompanied my medium steak seemed fresh, not canned. The use of white provolone slices and orange cheese sauce on top also made me smile. The crispy bread underneath the open face proved to be a solid foundation.

Both of us said we’d go back and order the same plates, so satisfied we were.

I couldn’t help notice the letters BG everywhere in front of the Cowboys Saloon. So I asked our waitress about it. She said they were the initials of one of the original owners. Past tense. Gotcha.

How does Cowboys Saloon look to you?

5 thoughts on “Cowboys Saloon straps on a satisfying feed bag

  1. Looks great! We have Cowboy saloons everywhere out here in the Wild, Wild West! Actually… they work in the back country all day and then come into the saloons or bars. Sometimes they ride their horses in. Its just the way… out here….. in the Wild, wild west!


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