I couldn’t believe what was on the sidewalk

Seen in the Village of Liverpool on Ash Wednesday.

Go to the masses.

Go to the masses.

I saw this pastor from the Liverpool First Presbyterian Church and his Ashes-to-Go station while on a coffee break from my job at the library, outside of Nichols supermarket. I posted this photo on the LPL Facebook page. Then I shared it to my own page. It took off.

I decided I wanted to get it on WordPress, too, when I had an open day.

Ingenious, he is.

Yes or no to the plan?

5 thoughts on “I couldn’t believe what was on the sidewalk

  1. i think it’s so great and funny and maybe will give some a chance to do this who might not normally get their ashes if they had to go to church. what an out of the box thinker –


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