Now I want to toast with this glass they served me with at Chadwick’s

Yes, we did.

Yes, we did.

My dear wife Karen and I recently got to visit our favorite bar back in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

We hadn’t been back to Chadwick’s on James Street since we left The Little Bitty for A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

Yup, October to March. A long stretch to not sit down and say ahhhhhh with old friend Billy, who might be behind the bar or in the kitchen or any place in his joint.

This time he was in the kitchen, so a newish bartender served us Karen’s Blue Light and my 19 Crimes Red Blend on a Friday night. My wine came in a different glass than usual. I loved it. Karen and I clinked.

The bartender told us the glasses were found at Marshall’s up on Route 31. I want one for home. Karen will search online and there.

Nice, no?

What’s your favorite drink glass, and why?

9 thoughts on “Now I want to toast with this glass they served me with at Chadwick’s

  1. Ever since hubby decided to do the dishes every night (sweet soul, he took over when I was sick and then just kept on doing them), I’ve been afraid to use real wine glasses because they somehow always get broken during the dish washing. Now I just use those acrylic picnic wine glasses. Fortunately, I’m not a wine snob, so the wine tastes fine to me no matter what type of glass I use.


  2. I’m a favor the pint beer glass. I never really drank from one prior to spending a month in NYC about 20 years ago. Drank many a draft beer on that trip, and have been a pint fan ever since.


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