How do you top off a five-beer afternoon?

Well satisfied from our five craft beers served in the Brewery Ommegang sampling, my dear wife Karen and I got to peruse the goods in the souvenir store for just a few moments before the red lights started flashing to signal that our table for a late lunch in the adjoining cafe was ready.

Now that's a motto.

Now that’s a motto.

There’s a bar along one side of the room, we noticed as we sat at our high-top to read the menu.

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I settled on a bowl of French onion soup while Karen went for a crock of mac ‘n cheese. They both went for around $6. I almost bit on the fried shrimp platter or the sausage and kraut sandwich, but thought the $13 and $11 tags were a bit steep.

The soup was good. So mac ‘n cheese, plentiful enough for me to have to finish Karen’s portion, had a nice bite to it.

Berry beer.

Berry beer.

My little sips of Karen’s strawberry beer led to the declaration that it rather tasted like the Hazlitt Berry wine she favors, only with bubbles. She agreed. With the 90-mile drive ahead of me, I stuck with water.

What do you think of the Brewery Ommegang decor?>/strong>

12 thoughts on “How do you top off a five-beer afternoon?

  1. Glad to see all is well with you and your dear wife Karen. Tell her I like her hair cut!
    I am betting her beer was lovely.
    Have a beautiful day! Remember meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?


  2. Yes her haircut looks great. Pretty typical decor for those places. Although not sure i would want mac and cheese ontop of any flavor of beer… Does sound yummy


  3. Being from Western New York, Ommegang is one of my favorite craft breweries and their branding is exceptional. There are many more excellent craft breweries in Western New York check some of them out on my page.


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