Dang, they easily make the hard cider look tasty

I’ve tried hard cider during a trip with my dear wife Karen, my sister-in-law Lynne and brother-in-law Chuck to the big orchard Beak & Skiff. They make it right there from their own apples and serve it in their own saloon. Everything about the tasting on a crisp October afternoon pointed toward a pleasant experience.…

‘Tis the season for just about anything outside Nichols

Seen outside my favorite supermarket before my stop for that bring-to-work coffee Monday morning was a busy worker adding to the seasonal display. The man was putting up the corn stalks this middle of September. I thought they looked great, what with the gorgeous flowers and bright pumpkins. Told my thought, he smiled widely.

Follow the baby birds

After I’d already hopped into my car with my first-work cup of coffee from Nichols, I caught sight of a momma bird leading her out-of-the-nest family across First Street. I stopped my car right there in the middle of the Village of Liverpool, grabbed my iPhone 8 from my side pocket and did the best…

May the flags be with you

The folks at Nichols in the Village of Liverpool have had the flags flying for several weeks now. I think the chance to say Happy Memorial Day Weekend is good timing to share the pretty American scene.

Here’s to your eggs-cellent day

May you hop to a great Sunday. Thank you again to the folks at Nichols for brightening up the Village of Liverpool on the run up to our big days. Ballantyne Gardens workers get it right every holiday, I think. May you and yours enjoy Easter.

Reflecting on the arrival of spring

They spring is coming. Yes, even to Central New York. Yet this is what I saw just a few days ago after picking up my pre-work coffee at Nichols in the Village of Liverpool. The still-snowy scene struck me to stand in the middle of First Street to snap the shot on my iPhone 8.…

All is well in the World of Nichols

You know the folks who take care of the prime spot in front of Nichols in the Village of Liverpool gussied it up for this holiday. Coming or going, they’re making sure you have more than your cup of morning coffee or sack of groceries. Great spirits, yes.

Nichols Knows It’s Time

The folks at Nichols are ready with a display come every season. The Thanksgiving twist may be a bit, well, self-involved? I’ll give it to ‘em. They work hard to make their stretch of Second Street look good. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

I refuse to take the bait except for with my iPhone 6s

I rather enjoy what I spot on the 15-minute break walks from my workplace at the library. Indeed, you can get live bait 24 hours a day in the Village of Liverpool. No, the blocks of First Street do not include a true bait shop. Instead, the worms turn from a soda-like dispenser. It’s at…