I refuse to take the bait except for with my iPhone 6s

I rather enjoy what I spot on the 15-minute break walks from my workplace at the library.

You can get the worms here.

Indeed, you can get live bait 24 hours a day in the Village of Liverpool.

From the machine.

No, the blocks of First Street do not include a true bait shop. Instead, the worms turn from a soda-like dispenser.

Nichols’ other store.

It’s at the corner of the liquor store. Naturally?

Blue down below.

It’s easier to understand once you see Onondaga Lake at the end of the intersecting block.

14 thoughts on “I refuse to take the bait except for with my iPhone 6s

  1. Live Bait from a vending machine. Mark, I would not have believed this had you not shown it to me in this post. What a strange world we live in. Thank you.


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