George Three and Mike Piazza

My dear wife Karen and I are planning a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame on a shared day off soon.

To best prepare, I DVRd an SNY special about my Mets catcher Mike Piazza’ induction last year.

And I made a discovery.

My favorite catcher.

My favorite catcher.

My terrific daughter’s fantastic significant George Three and my favorite catcher ever look a lot alike.

George Three and Elisabeth.

George Three and Elisabeth.

I texted Elisabeth with the news of my discovery.

Happy they are .

Happy they are .

She said she doesn’t see it.

Then she Googled – Mike, not George – and admitted “I guess in some pictures I can see it a little bit.”

From the eyes and up, says I.

Good looking guys, they.

Do you see the resemblance between Mike and George Three?


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