A short move to a window seat

We’ve got some new wrinkles going on in the Communications department at the library.

So I was asked to move my stuff.

Let the sunshine.

Let the sun shine.

My shift was all of, oh, a half-dozen feet across the gray. Chris and I swapped spots so she could be closer to new Librarian Assistant Edina, who was promoted from her Clerk job. Chris and Edina share a lot of tasks.


Now my desk is right next to the window.

It took some getting used to after nine months at the old spot.

Have you moved your work location around much? What is your favorite place to sit and work, and why?


18 thoughts on “A short move to a window seat

  1. I once upon a time sat in front of that same window. I loved being able to see the weather especially in the Winter when the village cleared the sidewalks with the small bobcat. Oh and don’t forget the truck deliveries to The Cobblestone across the street’n


  2. Beautiful work area, Mark. Congratulations! In my last job (the one that folded), I had a beautiful office with lots of windows that looked out onto a park-like back yard. I loved that office. Now I’m in a closet-like cubicle with no door and no window. But at least I still have my own space – others in my office have to share one large, very noisy room. That room has windows, but I think for the moment I’m happier with the privacy in my little cubicle. And I still get a paycheck, which is the biggest plus of all.


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