My happy new work space

My name plate came in at work, so I took that as the cue to bring in some other stuff from home to personalize my desk space.

Feeling at home at at the library.

Feeling at home at the library.

So into the Chevy Cruze went a little pile. There was new: The picture frame given to me for Father’s Day by my terrific daughter Elisabeth, holding the family photo taken in the glorious Rocky Mountains during our summer 2015 trip for Karen’s Family Reunion. And the older: The framed certificate given to me in 2008 by the Syracuse Press Club when I was chosen winner of the award of distinction for Professional Standards. And the in-between: My shiny, black Sammy Trophy for the Founder’s Award and cool-as-can-be Music Hero Award from the Central New York Guitar League both given to me in 2013, the year the big daily laid me off in January.

Yes, I think they make my space at the Liverpool Public Library feel like my own. My boss chuckled when she saw me arranging it just so, declaring that I must have decided I’m going to stay.

That’s the plan.

Do you fill your work space with stuff from home? What is on your desk? What else do you think I should put on my desk?


41 thoughts on “My happy new work space

  1. Hi Mark!
    I am so far behind! Sate to say you’re loving your library job? Personal office space and an inspired desk make me a happy happy girl. Looks like it does wonders for you, too ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Sounds like a homey place now bro Mark. When I worked at a desk I always had photos of family on the cubicle walls, and since they were made of poster-board it was easy to tack the pics up there. Then there were the mandatory pens and pencils, the large jar of hard candies for everyone in the office, and the notes and mementos from the families of my patients who had passed on. That left me about one square foot of working space, but this was pre-computer days at Hospice, so it didn’t take much space to file my paperwork. Most work was done in the field anyway, and most charting done in my car to avoid going into the office (as did all other nursing personnel), so we didn’t need the desk for much actual work.

    Have a nice weekend bro.l


  3. I currently have a very nice office, with a door and windows that look out on a beautiful park-like yard. For years, I had it decorated with personal stuff, including a very nice, numbered art print by a well-known artist and an original oil painting by my own artistic daughter. There were the usual personal items like family photos and knickknacks. At one point, I even kept a tank of gerbils! A couple of years ago, I got pissed off, decided to quit, and took everything home. Changes were made at work, and I agreed to stay, but I didn’t bring the stuff back – turns out that was a good decision because now I won’t have much to carry home when my firm closes in a few weeks. My next job will probably be in a cubicle farm, and I’m thinking I probably won’t do any decorating.

    Your work space looks very welcoming, however – much better than climbing those ladders!


    • Sorry you’ll be needing to move to a cubicle farm on somebody else’s decision, CM. That is so stressful. Keep your stuff at home, yes, indeed.

      And I am much safer climbing the stairs at the library than I felt on the ladder at the store. โค

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  4. I haven’t even begun to take in personal things. I think I’ll take a pen holder…Maybe hang somethin pretty… I dunno, I need space, hate clutter. Yours looks great! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Ahhh, a home away from home. Very nice Mark. I see you have an interior window – at least you can look out while pondering. Great Colorado picture and frame. I gotta comment on your icons. Dear Lord man, you gotta have the best eyesight of anyone our age that I know. You must have 100 icons on your desktop and room for 5 times that many, I have about 30 and my desktop is almost full. I love putting stuff on my desktop – makes it so much easier to faster to access – I just move it into a file when I am not using it anymore. With the exception of pictures – they are filed right away. It is so nice to have a personalized space. I have a few motivational pics and a numbered Bateman of a tiger ( a gift ) that I usually hang in my office.


    • I move the stuff I use right onto the desktop, yes, indeed, Paul. I flipped when I saw the size of my monitor. So much space! Yet I clean the desktop off regularly. Can’t help it, my friend.
      I like the sound of your motivational pictures in your office. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Where I worked last we got a new dispatch program that required a double screen to operate. So we each got another screen. The CPU’s had no problem with the extra work, we just had to install an inexpensive piece of software to allow the second screen. But the difference in daily activity on two screens is amazing – you could match documents or spreadsheets or you could keep an eye on the truck positions while checking customer data bases,etc. Or the two could be set up as one honking big screen – you could even drag and drop from one screen to the other. If i ever have a work computer again I’m spoiled and will have to have either big screen like yours or a double screen.


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