Here’s what happens when it snows overnight

Before the drying session.

I woke up early Friday morning. I knew we were going to get a lot of snow overnight.

The weather people were right.

So out I rolled by 6:15 because my dear wife Karen had a 7 a.m. shift.

I cleared our cars and a path to them so she could pull out of the driveway. The plow guy had done his job, but the town guy had socked in the bottom pretty good. Fortunately, her SUV got her past the mound and on her way. For this, I put on my boots.

An hour or so later, I put on my old, comfy Mocs for work. Then my Chevy was not as lucky, not even following her tracks. Thank you, neighbors, for your strategies and rocking to aid my late shoveling to get me on my way.

The offshoot for me was very wet feet at my desk in the library.

After taking the photo above with my iPhone 8, I took out a portable space heater and put it under my desk …

FYI: I did not take snow photos while working to get us out. Look Monday for some of the aftermath …

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