May the patrons be happy at their bright new Community Library of DeWitt and Jamesville

One of my work responsibilities is to represent the Liverpool Public Library at the monthly public relations round table for those who communicate what’s-what for Onondaga County libraries to community members.

The November meeting took us to the newest library of our bunch.

Bold look.

Our committee member mate Brian Abbott has been filling us in on the progress for the past year.


He was proud to show us around his new working quarters, inside and out. They moved their from the old space inside Shoppingtown at the end of August.

Multiple floors of great space.

Down and up.

The tour took in big rooms and small rooms, spaces for books and magazines and DVDs and CDs.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

There are two separate rooms for children.

There is a room for teens.

The maker space room is full of equipment for all sorts of creative types.

Great donation.

A community artist pitched in with an impressive piece for the wall.

This is one heck of a place for learning, creating, contemplating.

May good things come to all those who make it their library.


7 thoughts on “May the patrons be happy at their bright new Community Library of DeWitt and Jamesville

  1. Stunning library to be proud of. Our community library is well used, a very real community hub. I do have a concern over how the books dwindle each year as technology takes over. Great Post Mark. My best to you- JoHanna


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