The door stops here

A place for the contraption.

Our side screen door at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville has been free to do what it may for almost a year now, or ever since the big wind grabbed hold of it last winter and forced me to struggle mightily to keep myself and said rectangle from taking a skyward tour to, say, the next county. Or Kansas. Oz, even.

OK, that’s an exaggeration. But the steady wind did manage to bend the rod of the door-closing mechanism, rendering it useless. I bought a replacement.

So it sat down the basement until a day off from my job at the library last week and a sudden fear that a return of the wind without a working gadget would make matters even worse.

I noticed empty mounting brackets waiting for me on the bottom of the door.

New help.

The new closer fit nicely onto the old bracket on the frame.

But it was too short to reach the one already on the door. So I took that off and replaced it with the new bracket, in proper reaching position.

The door now has some weight to its opening and closing routine.

I still don’t want the big wind coming along to rip it out of my hands nevertheless.

9 thoughts on “The door stops here

  1. Good job, Mark. Wanna come over and fix my side door? Hubby just can’t seem to find the time to take care of it – but considering all the other stuff he’s having to contend with these days, I’m not making an issue of it.


  2. Interesting, we had the same problem with our side door. My brother saw it in the middle of building us a bathroom and stopped, took it off, bent it back right, sanded it until it ran smooth. 🙂 Twin door problems MBM!


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