A grand time was had by all

Some of you told me in comments after seeing my excitement in my early Friday morning post that you’d like to see how the Liverpool Public Library Grand Reopening went.

Super morning

The community came together in a very special way.

Thank you, community.

Patrons, dignitaries and staffers appreciated all the hard work of the past year.

Big scissors!

The ribbon was cut.

A another cutting.

And then they ate cake.

You can find more photos on the Liverpool Public Library Facebook page, linked on the right side here.

Thank you for your interest. The public library indeed serves an important role in every community.

9 thoughts on “A grand time was had by all

    • I hope you can appreciate it even more when it comes out the other side, Joey. A transformation is a lot of work for all involved, including the patience needed from the patrons for sure.


  1. So happy to see a nice turn out! And a beautiful cake! Wondered what this bustling day looked like for you, bro. Thank you for sharing the celebration with us! Pass the cake please. Any coffee on hand?


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