Another version of Spider-Man, oh, boy!


Marvel thinks we all need another Spidey in our universe.

And so Spider-Man: Homecomimg came forth from the pens of Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley. Directed by Jon Watts, the 2-hour, 13-minute reboot of the superhero who pulls on his red costume one arm at a time is decidedly aw-shucks in nature.

Tom Holland plays Peter Parker as a high-schooler really, really just finding himself.

Peter is a smart kid who’s part of the school debate team in Queens, his eyes firmly on the pretty smart girl who leads the squad. Even though Tony Stark has adopted him into The Avengers for his good work as The Spider-Man, the kid is still finding his footing – as Spidey, as a teen-ager, as a son, as a friend. As such, Tony has his assistant Happy Hogan keep a close eye on his protegé.

It all makes for a feel-good reboot of the Spider-Man origin, with Holland quite good at feeling his way around the powers of superhero and manhood.

And then there’s the pure evil of the villain, a city worker done wrong played with great nasty by Michael Keaton.

High-tech High-flyer? (From

He’s got great powers, too, as The Vulture, and he’s not afraid to use them in his attempt to get what he wants.

The twist is a big one as Peter tries to do what’s right, as himself, and as his red-costumed superhero.

The cinematography is often grand and splendid, be it hovering over the Washington Monument or floating about the Staten Island Ferry. Longish, yes, even comfortably in my recliner watching the Blu-Ray on the living room flat screen. But something to Marvel with nonetheless.

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