What the future holds for Batman and Emma Stone

Coming in 2016 to theaters everywhere. (From syracusenewtimes.com)

Coming in 2016 to theaters everywhere. (From syracusenewtimes.com)

Gotcha with that headline?

Maybe lady Emma will cross superhero lines now that her Spider-Man liaison (spoiler alert if you haven’t seen “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” yet and don’t want to break down in tears right here and now) ended so swiftly and cruelly with death this spring.

That’s not in movie news this week, however.

My weekly investigation into curious and interesting nuggets led me into the discovery that Batman fans were aflutter because costume design was revealed by movie maker Zack Snyder on his Twitter account. “Batman vs. Superman” will star Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight in 2016. Thank you, Cinema Blend.

Variety, meanwhile, pointed out that Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix have agreed to appear in Woody Allen’s next feature. The one that will come out after the one that will come out this summer, titled “Magic in the Moonlight.”

If you want to get inside my head for more about these seemingly unrelated until I wrote the headline above items on the extremely attractive Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.


There you will also find a link to a very entertaing compilation of 15 actresses that have been involved with Woody on-screen. And in his personal life, too, obviously, if you’ve kept track of this Manhattan eccentric’s off-screen jams.

Who’s your favorite superhero, Batman or Woody Allen? Would you rather see Emma Stone working with Ben Affleck or Joaquin Phoenix? Did you shake your fist at the screen and swear like I did when Stone’s sweet character was killed off in Spidey 2?

20 thoughts on “What the future holds for Batman and Emma Stone

  1. I have liked Emma Stone, in her frizzy haired role in the movie, “The Help.” I have felt she has so much talent and underplays her beauty in trying to be ‘real’ in her roles. Hope to see the movie, even with your spoiler alert. I just seem to be always trying to catch up on movies!


  2. I am not sure where I stand yet on this subject! I liked the Spiderman created by the more ‘wimpy’ character played by Tobey Maguire. I liked his partner, too, in that series of movies. I saw all three of them, in fact my youngest daughter and I commented that that was the summer of three’s! We saw the third Pirates movie, (Johnny Depp) and “Shrek 3.” It was 2007… I like the actors in the newest serial of Spiderman, so will probably see it. Batman, my favorite is not a favorite of most, Val Kilmer. I also loved Nicole Kidman in that movie. The cast was ‘epic,’ including Jim Carrey… I would always choose Batman over Woody Allen, although his movies are very good. After all, I am Robin (I am Batman’s sidekick: Smile!)


  3. i am a spider fan by nature, but have not seen one since the first, not a huge fan of the spidey movies. bat vs. super intrigues me though. i kind of like the costume, what we can see of it so far, at least. as for woody, his nod to actresses seems to be a gold standard for most of them –


  4. I haven’t seen Spiderman…… or Batman…….or Woody Allen…… I will never consciously choose to see Woody Allen in anything. I cannot watch that man on the screen. Before any of the stories ever broke about his ‘life’ I could not watch him.

    I do like Joaquin Phoenix very much. 🙂 Always liked him. And I’m not opposed to Super Heroes. But I must be a traditionalist. I would always choose Superman. 🙂


  5. Ok…you had me at Emma! Love her in any movie. My vote is Emma and Ben for the win! And as far as superheroes go – Batman by default, as I would not put Woody Allen remotely close to the category. Be well. 🙂 ~Karen~


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