Margaritaville is good for my sole

I got a great present from my dear wife Karen last week, ordered online from Da Shoe Wearhouse.

What, it’s Designer Shoe Wearhouse, you say? That’s right.

My spiffy new pair of Margaritaville loafers.

My spiffy new pair of Margaritaville loafers.

In any case, she had a coupon and allowed me to pick out a pair of Margaritaville shoes.

My faves.

I looked at their dozen or so offerings and selected my first choice. I kept with my promise to never again purchase a pair of shoes that have shoelaces on them again, except for bowling and golf. A loafer, I am.

When they arrived in their equally spiffy box, I was happy.

When I put them on my feet, I was thrilled. Comfortable, yes. I have been wearing them to work at the Liverpool Public Library with great satisfaction.

My other Jimmy's.

My other Jimmy’s.

Now I have three pair of Jimmy Buffetts. The dressiest brown version are, I believe, the third pair I’ve gone through in this comfortable style. The light kickarounds are not for anything heavy-duty.

Yeah, I like ’em.

Which pair of Margaritaville shoes do you like best, and why? Which is your own favorite pair of shoes, and why? What pair of shoes do you plan to buy next, and why?

32 thoughts on “Margaritaville is good for my sole

  1. Those are nice, really like the new brown ones – didn’t realize Margaritaville had shoes, though I have purchased many things from DSW online. I love shopping online & I know the right places to shop, as I’ve been doing it from day 1, before it became popular or part of the mainstream. Online or in person, I hate buying shoes . . . 😉


  2. I like the newest ones, Mark – they look especially comfy. As for me, I only wear sneakers/walking shoes and once I find a pair I like, I immediately buy a second pair to keep on hand for when the first pair wears out. Recently, my second pair also wore out and the store (also DSW, by the way) no longer stocks that particular shoe at my store. So, I went online and – woo-hoo! – I found I was able to get the exact pair from DSW (either they hadn’t really sold them all, or someone had returned a pair in my size). In any event, I’ll only buy shoes online if I’ve already tried them in the store and know the exact size and how they’re going to fit, and even then, I’ll only buy from an online store that also has a physical store in my area in case I want to return them.


    • I’m glad you found pair No. 3 of your current favorite, CM! The shoe thing can really throw you off when not the right fit, I know. You have a good process going on. 🙂


      • Yeah, but then there was the pair of black walkers I really loved and couldn’t find in the store, so I went online an found them on Amazon – same shoe, my size and width. When they came in, I discovered that the left shoe fit but the right one was too tight – apparently they were mis-sized and then because they couldn’t be sold in the regular stores, they were sold through Amazon instead. It’s a crap shoot.


  3. I like the off-white ones, Mark, very light and summery. My dear daughter gifted me an off-white pair of Sperry’s w/orange trim that I love for that reason. Enjoy them, you loafer, you! Hey, a little loafing is good fore the sole.😉


    • I have a pair of blue Sperry’s that I picked up at the outlet mall down the road in Waterloo for 50 percent off that allow me to loaf around this summer as well, Ermine. We are a pair of loafers, we two. 😮


  4. Nice! I love a good loafer, too. My favorite shoes are my canvas loafers. I feel like I hardly get to wear them…
    Anyway, I’d like some new black winter shoes, maybe a bootie, and some fairly versatile navy shoes, somethin maybe strappy and wedgy. I also really want a new pair of Birkenstocks.


  5. Hi Mark! Love the shoes, my hubby has the boat shoes and I’ve got a few pairs of Mville flip flops. We’re serious parrotheads 🙂 I’m a flip flop girl as much as possible, so my chunky blue Mville flips are my favorites since they are so comfy. Out here, we can actually get them at Sam’s Club – quite handy I’d say! Fun post this morning!


  6. Mark,
    I probably missed the entire point of you post (sorry ’bout that).
    Recently (like two or six days — weeks?– ago… not sure) I built myself a new computer.
    (And what a beast of a computer she is!)
    Yes, computers are feline, er… feminine.
    Yesterday I got the new monitor! 144hz 2k… ASUS (ASUS Fanboy? Mayhap)
    I spent the milk money on the cpu: (i7-6850K )
    ASUS MB: X99-DELUXE II LGA 2011-v3 Intel X99 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

    Got me the Samsung 950 M dot two 512 gb hdd

    Yada yada yada.
    Onliest thing lacking:
    GTX 1080 vid card (cannot find them— anywhere!)
    But, since I built this beast my own self, simple enuff to just plug in that elusive vid card once the price stabilizes and the supply meets up with the demand.

    To tie up my original thought:

    I purchase every thing online (mostly from Amazon)
    I am so lazy.
    Generally, I don’t even go to my front door, I just check online to see if my package has been delivered before I get off my lazy ass to walk….
    (Yes, I know)


  7. They do look comfortable Mark! We all need a good pair of shoes. I just bought a pair of Women’s Sketcher’s D’Lites walking shoes in a 9 Wide. So comfy I don’t even have to break them in.


  8. Dear Mark,

    I get you (and I get your posts in my inbox—a happy time for me)
    I only post about ever’ six months (you can probably discern why… or not)
    At any rate, I work for NIKE now, so brand new shoes don’t excite me overmuch
    But I do enjoy reading your posts.

    Here is one of mine, which should never ever see the light of day:


    “She went to England via Motor City; he went to Paris via Jim Bean.”
    Ref (in case you forgot) found here… below, so you can ‘listen’ more about it: (if’n ya wanna):

    Glad we got that all sorted.

    Since I cannot post anymore and I am much muzzled (more on that later—maybe) and I need to write, and that bona-fide fack that you are probably the only one who will even come to my funeral (not yet scheduled), well, ‘natch’ (your word, not mine), Natch: I need to ‘reach out’ to you.

    Funny that phrase: “Reach Out”: Seems to crop up a lot here in Corporate Memphis Environs. Not sure why, but I suspect it is cropping up a lot throughout The Land. Kinda like “Safety First” and “Teamwork”, although those two are somewhat in decline and seem to have fallen out-of-fashion of late…


    You see (of course you do), one can no longer just call up some schmuck on the telephone and ask said schmuck so and so… and this and that.
    Oh no!
    Nay! One now must ‘reach out.’

    I find the current corporate vernacular mildly amusing, but only when it don’t get in my way, or in the way of my ‘reaching out’ to call in sick. (Yep. I have become a malingerer—is that the proper spelling—I axe this of Robin, who once told me her tombstone would simply read:

    “He lies Robin; she could spell.”

    I wonder more and more these days what mine might say… er, proclaim?
    “Here lies Lance: He was an ass.”
    (Almost rhymes, don’t it?)

    Ah! Poetry!
    You just knew I always had some Shakespeare in me. (Buried deep)
    I love you.
    Oh, that promised breaking news, you wonder?
    Well, it’s coming.
    Kinda not unlike a waterfall, or a pleasant babbling brook, yeah, a babble-brook.
    I like that: ‘Babble – Broke”
    Why not?
    (Maybe I’ll steal it–oh wait! I cannot: I just made it up!)
    Reminds me of something Lenny once said: “I was not born in a vacuum; every thought I have belonged to somebody else.”
    Remind me to thank you for all the Lenny books you bought for me back when I was poor. That meant a lot to me, even though I most likely didn’t say so at the time…

    Cheers for now.


  9. Awesome shoes Mark. Very nice.The internet fascinates me.You obviously got a high quality product at a price you were satisfied with. There are such gems out there. At the same time, you could probably buy an identical looking pair in an off brand that had a lot of problems when it arrived – poor construction, not the same as pictured, poor wearing,uncomfortable,etc. And yet the two may look identical when advertised. Women’s knock off purses are a perfect example.


    • You are so right about buying on the Internet, Paul. A good point of purpose is: Know your product in person beforehand! In other words, somehow buy the darn thing first at the mall, wear it out loving it, and buy it the second time online if you can’t find it at the store anymore, find it for a better price online, or it’s more convenient to buy online the second time around. In this case, online had a bigger selection of a brand with which I was familiar and confident. about

      Liked by 2 people

      • Intriguing Mark. I do the same thing – I’ll only buy on line products with which I am already familiar.


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