Eating out again, with Jimmy Buffet


Fries carry the day.

My dear wife Karen and I went hunting for some spring and shoes last Saturday at Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertaining complex Destiny USA.

We wound up eating lunch in Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. Yes, we are starting to feel more comfortable doing life again, little by little, now that we are both fully vaccinated.

The staff all wore masks. I was extremely annoyed at the guy who sat us. He let his ride below his nose. I saw him walk back and forth throughout our stay, and it was not a momentary slip. I decided against a confrontation. Didn’t have it in me.

The tables they use are spaced wide enough.


Shrimp and more fries.

Happy we were with the table service. My burger was a tad dry, but the fries carried the day. Karen dug her shrimp.

It did feel good to be out and about.

Oh, yeah, we did score some shoes, too.

Step by step we’re out of the house more. But we still wear our masks and keep that six foot bubble to be careful, for ourselves and everybody else.

3 thoughts on “Eating out again, with Jimmy Buffet

  1. Congratulations it must be really good to be out and about.
    We don’t have shops ( apart from essentials) or restaurants open yet you can get take away .
    This weekend is the first where we are allowed to meet up to six other people from one other household. We can only meet outside. But it’s a start after a third 4 month lockdown. We have had our first Vaccinations as we have a 12week gap in between injections here in the UK. We will have both had both by May . Be safe and enjoy. 💜💜💜

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    • I am glad to hear you are making progress, Willow. Virus rate is going up here in U.S. I am sadly noting on the news as they race to get more and more people vaccinated. I am fortunate those in my most innermost bubble were able to secure both shots already. It’s still a big war against COVID and we all must be careful. Even venturing out we kept our bubble space and masks on.


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