Welcome back, Margaritaville

My affinity for Jimmy Buffett’s line of comfortable shoes goes back many years now.

Two pair caught my eye in the spring lineup at Off Broadway in the Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA this April.

And they were part of the BOGOHO deal. I could not resist Buy One Get One Half Off.

The grays and the browns.

One new style, two colors to add to my collection.

Welcome to the grays and the browns.

This Year’s Model.

Yes, you can see, I’ve stuck with my promise. No shoes with laces except for bowling and golf.

What are your favorite shoes, and why?

16 thoughts on “Welcome back, Margaritaville

  1. This reminds me of the comedian who spoke of how when coins fall out his hands now, he leaves them there because they are dead to him and not worth the effort of bending down. Perhaps as we get more mature, we find ways to minimize the risk of having to bend down, tie laces, retrieve objects, etc.


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