Now we need butterfly bushes and butterflies

The wonder of the triangle butterfly garden of our cherished Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood takes my breath away in stages.

Purple and white time.

Purple and white time.

In the 7 a.m. pre-workday light, the rush of white from the daisies coming in from the right and purple of the climbing Polish plant taking over on the let sent me rushing for my iPad Air 2.

Hover over a gallery photo for the description. Click on an image for an enlarge slide show.

My dear wife Karen’s hard work on all of our gardens has paid off again.

Hourglass garden in front thrives.

Hourglass garden in front thrives.

In front, the red roses are popping out of the hourglass garden. But that’s not the only eye-catching color as June readies to yield to July.

A lone star.

A lone star.

In the corner of the back porch, one red rose holds out hope for others to join in the budding bonanza.

And soon enough in that terrific triangle, the butterfly bushes will gone to blossom. Then, butterflies will flutter may our lives.

Do you have a lot or a little purples and whites in your yard this year? Is red making a big appearance around your neighborhood? Are you spotting butterflies yet?

11 thoughts on “Now we need butterfly bushes and butterflies

  1. Really lovely 🙂 It’s wonderful watching your garden grow each year 🙂
    I actually don’t have a lot blooming mid-summer. It’s fairly dull of blooms, mostly a lot of green and potted annuals, until August. In August, all the mums, the hibiscus, and the speedwell will burst open. May’s rains foiled my attempts to till for new plantings, but there’s always next year!


  2. beautifully done, and each year it is growing more into its potential – not many butterflies here yet, and there’s been no rain, but i’m hopeful it’s coming soon –


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