A snowmobile kind of week in Galeville

Ellie B did not give chase, and for that I gave thanks.

My beloved rescue mutt and I came upon an interesting sight not one block from A Bitty Better during an after-work walk this week in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

Ride 'em, padnahs.

Ride ’em, pahdnahs.

A kid and a parent were riding a snowmobile on the snow-filled triangle smack dab in the middle of three streets.

More action awaits.

More action awaits.

A mom and an older sibling on a four-wheeler awaited them at the other end of the patch.

They looked like they were having fun as I watched with aka Dogamous Pyle.

Oh, brother.

Oh, brother.

The kids took a turn together on the snowmobile, too.

Happy family it was.

Where is the strangest place you’ve seen snowmobile riders? What activity surprised you in your neighborhood? Snowmobile or four-wheeler for you, and why?

17 thoughts on “A snowmobile kind of week in Galeville

  1. Love the snowmobile pics. I’d have to drive to the mountains to see snowmobiles and there it wouldn’t be funny. Personally, I’d rather be on snowshoes or cross country skis so I’d have time to use all my senses.


  2. so funny. my favorite here was when locals drove their snowmobiles and parked them in front of the movie theater during the polar vortex winter a couple of years back.


  3. Ha! A snowmobile in my neighborhood would be an astonishing sight since we hardly ever have snow here. You have me wondering how many — if any — snowmobiles there are in the entire state of Kentucky…


  4. I am sure the loud noise of the snowmobile scared Dogamous Pyle from it. Not in my neighborhood, but the strangest event that happened with a snowmobile about 30 miles from here was it got off-track and ended up flying out of the forest smack into the side window of a car traveling down the highway. Unfortunately it did not end well.


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