Up or down for the boot leggings?

My wonderful daughter Elisabeth gifted my dear wife Karen with a piece of clothing I’m not quite familiar with as part of her Christmas collection.

Boot warmers. Leggings. Tops. Something like that.

In any case, these pretty white knit things go on top of boots to make them look cool and keep your legs extra warm.

Karen wore them out New Year’s Eve.

Worn down.

Worn down.

Worn up.

Worn up.

And as we sat out enjoying a drink, Karen started wondering which was the proper method of wearing this clothing.

She had them turned down. Then they flipped them up.

I took both photos and we texted Elisabeth to see what she said.

My daughter said she wears them up, but liked the way they look down.

What do you call this piece of leg wear? Which way would you wear them?


24 thoughts on “Up or down for the boot leggings?

  1. I love those things.Very cute. Where I Iive, some people even wear them on the outside of their boots. One lady I know makes them out of old sweaters and she sews tiny buttons up one side. Very elegant and old fashioned looking.


  2. No clue. It’s so hard being a female. After 35 years, I still don’t how to dress myself. 🙂 But, I like the down look better…then again that’s coming from a former farm girl whose sense of style becomes non-existent beyond a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt.


  3. Both ways look fabulous! I asked for and received a pair for Christmas but haven’t had the occasion to wear them yet–looks like plenty of winter left for that! 😉


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