That darn cat

I’ve come across the first animal problem for Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle at A Bitty Better.

If you recall, at The Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, our backyard was roamed, in turn, by skunk and and a hedgehog, both of which drove our beloved rescue mutt – and, subsequently, my dear wife Karen and – a serious form of batty.

It took 2 1/2 months in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville for Ellie B ‘s serious tussle with a neighborhood cat.

Cat patrol.

Cat patrol, moments after making tracks across the pool cover.

We can’t quite figure out exactly what backyard this big specimen of a feline claims as home. But we do know that it roams quite freely behind the chain link fence at the back of yard, sending Ellie B into a barking fury.

Anytime either Karen or I go outside to shut the mutt’s yapper, the cat takes off to parts unknown, dog chasing until it reaches the fence, wood on the side or metal at back.

Then late afternoon Ellie B was digging at the bottom of the deck while she barked furiously.

When I stepped outside, out flew the cat from underneath, making a beeline across the pool cover, dog taking chase across the cover. The huge cat went over the wood fence. Ellie B slammed into it, full-force. It did not fall down, but the lean is obvious.


One: We don’t want the dog falling into the in-ground pool during winter.

Two: We don’t want the dog knocking down the fence and then tearing off after the cat to parts unknown.

Three: Cats will be cats, so I don’t know what we could do even if we did know where this 50-pound menace lived.

What do you suggest we do about the cat problem?


22 thoughts on “That darn cat

  1. My Cat is NEVER outside! Gee whiz Terp-being so large I doubt its a ferrel cat. The owner just lets it out and in I suppose. I would make a flyer and ask the owner (get a photo of the menacing Feline, if you can) and kindly write a few words and circulate a 2-3 block radius. of your home. I’d hate to know the cat tore the pool liner cover, its driving Elle B nutso! Loose cats are a problem-not sure what animal control would do, if anything??? Gatorette.


  2. Certain plants are supposed to deter cats (and other pests). Have you Googled those yet? Or maybe they won’t even grow in the winter. When a neighbor around here had a problem with a pesky cat in her garden, she called the pound, which was a shame because it was likely euthanized. But here, if you can catch it and take it to the SPCA, they will see that it gets adopted. If it’s feral, they will also send a man to catch it and take it to a farm for feral cats. Maybe they have something like that there. I can’t imagine anyone who owned the cat would allow it to live outside in the winter snow. Good luck!


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