New bowling shoes are a wrap

My dear wife Karen can be so tricky.

The shoe-sized box was wrapped so nicely on Christmas morning. I saved it for last.

I smiled like a kid and pulled out the bowling shoes I’d requested and proclaimed: Just like my old ones!

Her reply: Look closer.

They were my old ones. She’s removed them from my bowling bag, undetected.

Underneath was a gift card from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

We went the night before my Thursday Night Men’s League at Bowling Green. I’d been told that was the only Central New York location of the big chain that still carried bowling shoes.

They had one men’s pair in my size.

On top of the heap.

On top of the heap.

I loved them.

They looked good in my bowling bag.

Dexter brand, fancy style.

Dexter brand, fancy style.

They look good with my bowling bowl.



They feel good on my feet.

First time out, I almost hit my 165 average. The new slide did take some adjustment. They will be fantastic.

What do you think of my dear wife Karen’s plan? What do you think of my new bowling shoes?

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