The Cowboy joint opens at last in Destiny USA

It seems like forever since Toby Keith’s place closed its doors at Destiny USA and other Cowboy joint hung a shingle with the promise to bring some yee-hah back to the pahdnahs of Syracuse.

In fact, it was sway back in February of 2016 when I wrote and posted photos about the pending new place here. Just a week or so ago, I told my dear wife Karen that I was ready to give up on it.

Then we went early to see La La Land and had a spare few to walk down to the Canyon end of the mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex. It was Christmas Eve, and the whole place was dead except for Regal Cinemas, TGIFridays and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. So we thought.

Ready to pour some.

Ready to pour some.

Cowboys Saloon was open for business.

It fairly sparkled.

Lots of elbow room.

Lots of elbow room.

The only folks that seemed to be in there, mind you, were servers.



After grabbing a few photos from the perimeter, I promised we’d return for a closer inspection soon.

What do you think of the looks of Cowboy Saloon? Would you go to give it a try? What would you order to drink if you did?

7 thoughts on “The Cowboy joint opens at last in Destiny USA

  1. it looks great and i’d sidle up the the bar and order a sassafras and shot of hard whiskey. actually, probably a light beer, but it looks like it will be a fun place. )


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