These sales take time, and then wham!

Before moving into the new place in the Galeville section of Liverpool, we had to move out of the old house in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

My dear wife Karen and I had lived there since 2004. It was a great dozen years. It never dawned on me to leave. After all, this was the longest I had ever lived in one house in my life.

Then one day Karen saw an ad where she worked at Syracuse Media Group for a three-bedroom, one-bath place very near where I had landed a job in May. When she pulled into the driveway that day, she called my cell and asked if I wanted to go see a house in Liverpool. I surprised her by saying OK and trotting out to her car. We stood at the curb and liked it. That Sunday we walked through an open house and liked what we saw. So we set up a second visit with our realtor, good friend Mary. We really liked it. After a day or so of talking it over, we put in an offer. It was accepted.

Holy cow. We were leaving the Little Bitty. We had to find a buyer.

Karen went out to dinner with some of our friends. Julie told Michelle she ought to buy our house. Michelle came over for one more look. I lowered the asking price to great-friend level. She accepted.

We were leaving the Little Bitty. Slowly but surely as these things happen with all those legal documents that need to find their way to the right places.

The day we sold the Little Bitty.

The day we sold the Little Bitty.

We had one closing. Michelle officially bought our house.

I still did not know when our closing to buy the Galeville house would take place. Thankfully, our great friend Michelle was not forcing us to move right then and there, which was her right to do if she chose. I shudder to think of moving our possessions into storage and ourselves and Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle into a motel.

The next day, my attorney confirmed it. Two days after selling the Little Bitty to Michelle, we would buy A Bitty Better, on a Friday at noon. I started calling moving companies. I lined one up for 8 a.m. Monday.

More to come tomorrow.

How quickly have you decided to buy a house? How fast have you found somebody to buy a house?In what short notice have you lined up a moving company?

23 thoughts on “These sales take time, and then wham!

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  2. That sure was a fast sell! It took us two months to close on our current abode. The bank took possession of our last house and it took them three years to sell it at a loss. I have no remorse for the corrupt bank that refused to work out a modification to our loan. We got a petty $400 for our loss in the major class action lawsuit for their corruption and deceit. It sounds like yours went much smoother.


  3. Wow, Mr. B!!! This is fantastic!! That was sooooo fast. It’s so much better when it all falls into place before you have time to blink! This means it was absolutely meant to be! So happy for the three of you!! ❤️💜😍


  4. On one house, we got an offer in 1 week. We weren’t ready to leave…wanted kids to finish out the school year. We took much less $ later, but it fit our family timing. We always found a new home to buy on our 1 week relocation housing trips…we were lucky. ☺


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