A welcoming blanket of white feels A Bitty Better

I woke up Wednesday morning and was semi-startled by the sight from the front window.

White stuff falling. And sticking.

White stuff falling. And sticking.

Our cars were getting hit by a dusting of snow on Oct. 26, 2016.

It was icy, too.

It was icy, too.

By the time I was ready to hit the road to my job at the Liverpool Public Library, I had to take a brush to the cars of my dear wife Karen and I. Wait, dagnabbit. I needed more than that. It was so icy I needed to scrape the windows a well.

No more mowing?

No more mowing?

Enough had accumulated on our front lawn to turn the green somewhat white. Before Halloween.

Yes, your eyes are correct. This is not the Little Bitty in the Syracuse City neighborhood of Eastwood.

On Monday, we moved to the Galeville section of Liverpool, the suburb just to the east of Syracuse. I now live two miles from the library.

This was what my post Initial Tease on Sept. 11 was all about. If you click back and look in the comment section of that , there was a correct guess, if I recall. Our life has been a whirlwind.

You’ll read about it more here in the next week or so. One more tease. Karen already has come up with the perfect name for our new place. We now are getting comfortable in A Bitty Better.

Has it snowed yet in your part of the world? What do you think of your first snowy look at A Bitty Better? What would you like to hear about our moving experience in the next week or so?

34 thoughts on “A welcoming blanket of white feels A Bitty Better

  1. Congrats to you & Karen on the new digs – new adventures & routines, & a change of scenery are just what is needed sometimes & can make ya feel excited & energized!! 🙂 ❤


  2. I was right! Yay! That’s a very nice looking house – a little bigger than the bitty and looks to be in very good condition. You absolutely must tell us al the nitty gritty about putting in the offer on the bigger, selling the bitty, and then closing both deals – I’m sure it was very exciting and probably a little frustrating at times. I can hardly wait until we can buy our next house, hopefully in the spring if I can keep my job long enough.

    PS: My best friend from childhood lives in Liverpool (does Old Cove sound familiar?). I’ll bet she’s been in your library once or twice.


      • We are well and ready for winter. Colorado Springs is forecast with a high in the mid 80’s today! We’re a bit further north so we should end up in the high 70’s. Your house is just lovely. So glad you are closer to work. That makes all the difference. 💖😘


  3. Congratulations of the new home! Looks beautiful. As far as the snow goes, it would be lovely to get some around here. We’re going to be sitting at 80 degrees in Colorado today.


  4. No snow in Liverpool (UK version) but we rarely do get much snow anyway on the west coast. It’s not until November that we get our first frosting, and out come the ice scrapers. The Better Bitty looks a Beauty.


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