Initial tease

No details yet.

No details yet.

More to come.

22 thoughts on “Initial tease

  1. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Bro Mark, I typed your addy in just so I could read your thoughtful comments on life in general, and you just TEASE ME??? And to think, this one time I happen to be online — a rare occasion lately, you just TEASE me??? Ah, shoot a bullet into my left shoulder, but ….
    Hehehe, just kidding bro! I’ll just have to go back to earlier posts to see your latest words of wisdom. Oh, rats, I’ve really been away too long!


  2. Ha, ha, way to go, Mark. For all we know it could be a house next to the library where you work. Or it could be the Little Bitty. Or it could be a house you’re buying. Or it could belong to the one neighbor you don’t like (is there one? you seem to get along with your neighbors, unlike me). Or it could belong to a neighbor that you do like and are sorry to see leave. I must say though, that the house in the photo does not look like the Little Bitty. I can hardly wait for the next post!

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