It’s not the Blizzard of ’93 quite yet, but Stella’s still snowing on us

Back in March of 1993, a blizzard delivered more than four feet of snow in one ferocious whump when I lived in Morrisville, some 35 miles southeast of Syracuse.

The way I still remember it, I pushed the garage opener, shovel in hand, in the hopes of digging out in the morning. I watched the door go up, up, up. It reached an inch or two from the top until I saw daylight. The wind had blown the drift almost eight feet high.

I called my boss and said I would not reach the big daily to work that day.

I was telling my dear wife Karen this Tuesday that the only way we got out was because Eugene, my wife then’s ex-husband, drove down from his farm with the backhoe and cleared the driveway for us.

Stubborn Stella.

It’s not that drastic yet some couple of miles north of Syracuse in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. Then again, the Blizzard of March 2017, the one they’ve named Stella that is pounding the Northeast, has not let up yet.

Plenty of snow.

A Bitty Better is getting hammered.

I’ve cleared our cars and hit the top part of the driveway and walk twice.

The Liverpool Public Library did not open Tuesday, allowing me time for the shovel work after completing my social media duties from home. My dear wife Karen was able to work from A Bitty Better, too.

The stakes are high.

The weather folks on TV are saying the snow has fallen two feet high in adjoining areas. They say it will continue to fall through Thursday, at least doubling what we got by dinner time Tuesday.

Backyard white.

I hope a backhoe will not be needed.

How is your weather? Have you had to stand at the door and shout, Stella!?

20 thoughts on “It’s not the Blizzard of ’93 quite yet, but Stella’s still snowing on us

  1. i feel for you, remember how hard it is when there is a lot of snow in a short time. sounds like you both have adapted and made the best of it all. p.s. your house looks so great in the snow. ) not much snow here, just got through those crazy winds and pretty cold, but things are looking up for next week )


  2. Hi Mark, it sure looks pretty. Here in our part of California, temperatures peaked at about 85 degrees yesterday, it was sunny with not a cloud in the sky. The boys had to turn the air-conditioning on. I already miss the rain and wish it would come back. How come you guys get winter storms with names? When did they start naming snowstorms? Stay warm!!!!!


    • My snow thrower has a big orange flat spot on one end and a handle on the other, AW. Photos to come tomorrow morning. Good job blowing away your 22 inches of snow in NEPA country!


      • Thank you! We actually got more snow maybe 24 altogether! Yes, my son even brought the snow blower on the back deck!


  3. Wow! That’s more snow than I’ve seen in my entire life! Don’t know whether to envy you, or feel sorry for you, shovelling all that snow. As always, weather in Jakarta is at a comfortable mid-30s every day, with the odd shower as we ease out of the monsoon season. Thanks for another great post!

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