Around the Library, the Village of Liverpool deals with the March snow

Post-Stella piles.

When the Liverpool Public Library opened its doors Thursday following two days of Storm Stella-forced closure, of course I pulled my iPhone 6s out of my pocket on the short walk through the Village to Nichols for my morning cup of coffee.

In the market for drifts.

The walks and lots had been mostly cleared from the feet of snow that had been dumped upon these blocks.

Down by the Lake.

I could tell that the winds off Onondaga Lake had been as pushy here as they’d been up at A Bitty Better.

Hover over a photograph for a description. Click on an image for an enlarges slide show.

Yes, I’d call it business as usual. And I was back at my desk in a jiffy.

Which is your favorite photo, and why?

6 thoughts on “Around the Library, the Village of Liverpool deals with the March snow

  1. I like them all, bro Mark, but I’m glad they are yours and not mine! We have been spared snow accumulations so far, but our first sight of snow was last week! Kinda makes me nervous.


  2. BRRR!!! I feel cold just looking at those photos. My favorite is the one with the Welcome sign. There sure is a lot of snow. Those snow piles will be around until May – they are so monstrous


  3. i like the one with the plowed street and the village sign welcoming everyone to liverpool. we got off easy their year, and glad that you are up and running again –


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