Can anybody tell me what this thing is?

No backing out now.

No backing out now.

During a work lunch trip with three colleagues a bit ago, I spotted this scene out of the corner of my eye.

It caused me to fish my iPhone 6s from my pocket.

What the heck?

Pardon me for my ignorance, but I do not know what this is. I thought maybe the police had placed it there to keep said car owner from backing out of the parking lot spot, a high-tech boot, if you will. Or a full-length carrier of some sort set vertically instead of horizontally to clear driving space in the lot lanes. Perhaps a lift to get a chair in and out of the car?

Yes, I Googled the letters I could discern on the thing in all ways and means. Nothing.

What is this?


23 thoughts on “Can anybody tell me what this thing is?

  1. a lady i know, here in oz has something similar and it lifts her wheelchair into the hatch back bit.It lifts the hatch hydraulically and holds it there so in strong winds, for e.g., she can put the chair in with some help. Then uses a walker to go to car seat. maybe that or some type of bike rack.

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