Can this really be the path to spring?

The second morning of Storm Stella was as bad as the first here in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

I walked out the side door of A Bitty Better and sighed.

Collected from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.

My neighbor was snow-blowing his backyard. I grabbed my shovel and got to work. When he stopped for a moment, I mentioned across the fence how crazy the wind tunnel effect seems to be for our houses.

He gave credit to Onondaga Lake Park down our road.

It was a good thing that I’d received the text alert informing me that there was no need to report to work to the Liverpool Public Library for second straight day. There was plenty of labor ahead here.

Back door slammed.

Back and front doors needed trails to be blazed as well as the side.

Front door obstructions.

I tackled the covered side landing first. The aforementioned wind had blown feet of snow under the roof. Then I went at the back deck, just one strip for Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle to make her way to the yard. Lastly I cleared the way from the front door to the driveway.

I was out there with my shovel for 75 minutes.

Side space cleared.

Doggie door available.

Front accomplished.

I piled up a lot of snow, the most in the backyard since we moved here in October.


I now own my own snow mountain. And a trail.

Cross-country skiing?

Even though spring arrives next week, it seems far away.

Late winter scene.

In fact, it seems like forever until we’ll get a chance to uncover that in-ground pool.

How deep are you the digging out process of winter?

17 thoughts on “Can this really be the path to spring?

  1. i’m sorry, i know what this is like. i am happy to say that my winter here has been quite mild, as far as the amount of snow we’ve had. fingers crossed that this continues –


  2. Kentucky can go either way, but we actually have only had enough snow to have to shovel once. And though other parts of KY have apparently had snow the last few days, we’ve had zero in my neighborhood. After growing up in Michigan and living years and years in Chicago, this works for me. I have Michigan pictures from my childhood that look much like the ones you’ve posted — in fact one where we’d had to go out the back of the house and around to get a shot of drifts up to the gutters all the way across the front — and I can’t say I miss it 🙂 Sorry it’s happening to you!


  3. Excellent shovel photo, with you new mountain and trail 🙂 It’s beautiful, but I know shoveling is a lot of work. The weather here is not too bad. Almost 40 and sunny. Rain comin.


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