That sweet first moment with the keys to A Bitty Better

So my dear wife Karen picked me up from work at the Liverpool Public Library two Fridays ago at 10:25 a.m. At 10:30 a.m., we were meeting our friend and realtor Mary at A Bitty Better for the final walk-through to make sure everything met our approval. We had not set foot inside its doors in a month-and-a-half.


Then we had to go to our credit union to have three cashier’s checks drawn up, out of two accounts. One went to a mortgage company, one went to an attorney, one went to … I don’t remember the official designee. The seller would get some from somewhere.

That took time.

Then we went to our attorney’s office downtown, were we met Mary again, and the realtor and attorney representing the seller. Signatures were applied. The final sticking point, a 50-50 financial split on closing the in ground pool for the season, was settled with a personal check from Karen. My attorney Tim explained title insurance one more time to us, and we decided it was worth for peace of mind over the long run. I wrote that check.

We got the keys from the seller’s realtor.

We drove to A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville before Karen dropped me back off the library.

My dear wife Karen does the honors.

My dear wife Karen does the honors.

We had to visit our house for the first time, right?

Our kitchen.

Our kitchen.

We loved it. A lot.

No empty feeling.

No empty feeling.

Even without a stick of furniture in it, this place felt like home.

Now we had to move out and move in.

More to come tomorrow.

How many checks have you had to hand over at once, and to whom? What’s your favorite first moment in a home, and where? Do you usually go for peace-of-mind insurance, or choose to save the money?

31 thoughts on “That sweet first moment with the keys to A Bitty Better

  1. Y’all look soooo happy! The kitchen is gorgeous! And my dad has sold real estate for over 30 years before he retired & his advice is to always buy the title insurance, JIC 😉


  2. Mark! I’ve missed you! I haven’t been on wordpress in MONTHS! We’ve been so busy wrapping up the renovations at our new place that I haven’t had a minute to write anything. Or when I did have a minute to write, I wasted it looking up organizational hacks on pintrest. Anyways, Congratulations on your new home. Looks like I’ll need to go back and read up on your journey to Better Bitty. Love the pic of Karen in the Kitchen. As always, your blog leaves me smiling. 😀


    • I have been wondering how you, Steve and the family have been in the new Ohio home, my friend Rachel. Glad to hear the update. Yes, please write one of your funny and insightful posts for us now that the renos are settling down. It would be good for you and us. ❤


  3. You both look like you’re in heaven. So glad it all worked out. Like your last commenter, I agree you were wise to take the fee policy (the lender probably required their own policy anyway!). You never know – there could have been a break in the chain of title way back when that no one caught, or someone might someday find out the in-ground pool encroaches onto someone else’s property somehow (we have a case like that right now, major headache). Should that happen, the title company will be on the hook, not you, because they should have been more careful in their title review.

    PS: I promise not to impose next summer when you reopen the pool. No one wants to see Cordelia’s Mom in a bathing suit.

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  4. Title Insurance is very important Mark-Through the years and ownership (chain of Title) if there were ever a Lien (or encumbrance) against the (ie. tax liens, any type of lien at all) property you are covered. Without it should a Lien appear you are responsible even if you did not create it. Its a one time fee and can be deducted from taxes as a closing cost. How do I know this because the Gatorette is a Licensed Real Estate Broker/Appraiser. Woo-Hoo. Happy for you both enjoy your new home! Cheryl


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