Tim catches a swallowtail butterfly … with his camera

My dear wife Karen and I have been waiting patiently for a butterfly spotting in our backyard garden in the cherished Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

I have more hope now than ever.

Good Neighbor Tim sent me two great photos from just his side of our shared fence.

Swallowtail in Eastwood.

Swallowtail in Eastwood.

He did great with his DSLR camera.

Loving it in Syracuse.

Loving it in Syracuse.


Wait. Later, he sent me two more.

Maybe someday be out back at just the right time … And with my iPhone 6 or iPad Pro.

But my photos won’t look like these. Thank you for sharing, Tim Garriques. And giving me hope for my eyes.

Have you seen a swallowtail butterfly such as this in person? Which of Tim’s two do you like best, and why? Please share your favorite butterfly sighting.

14 thoughts on “Tim catches a swallowtail butterfly … with his camera

  1. I like the second picture. I’ve not seen a swallowtail in my garden yet and I’ve not been able to capture any shots. It isn’t easy having a crazy mutt around, you know…LOL! ≧(´▽`)≦


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