Where’s Mark amid the Diamondback crew?

The Diamondback Days

The Diamondback Days

Yes, my two years toiling for the University of Maryland’s campus daily The Diamondback surely helped shape my career.

As much as what I learned in the academic buildings, yes. More? Probably.

I wrote hundreds of stories covering the soccer, women’s basketball and lacrosse teams as my primary beats, with coverage about football and men’s basketball and columns thrown in for good measure. In the summer between my junior and senior year, my roommate Greg and I were co-sports editors, too.

I loved every ink-stained minute up in that newsroom, writing on a typewriter, editing with pots of rubber cement, walking around the paste-up room with a pica pole …

Arnie Applebaum worked one shut door over, on the business side, where they sold the ads that allowed us to be paid our per-story fee and semester honorarium.

Arnie recently started a Facebook page to note those years in the late 1970s.

He put the photo above of the Diamondback staff up on it recently.

Can you find me without looking at the key?

An interesting post-script: The editor-in-chief standing above us all, Alan Sea, was removed from his position when powers-that-be discovered he wasn’t taking any classes. The staff you see pictured went out on strike in support of Alan. Arnie and his business office students brought in scabs to write the stories so the presses found role. After a week or so, Alan told us to go back to work without him. He was replaced by a sophomore by the name of Norman Chad. You may recall Norman from his dry, pithy commentary on ESPN poker telecasts. Talk about an education.

If you ever went on strike for any cause, what was it and how long did it last? What was your biggest out-of-classroom pursuit in college, and was it worth it? What do you wish you’d done in college but never did?

12 thoughts on “Where’s Mark amid the Diamondback crew?

  1. Yikes I’ve not been on strike but I have done strike breaking a number of times (not deliberately). In university I worked 40 hours a week during my undergrad and 50 hours per week during my Masters.


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